J. S. Bach

Voice arrangement

Vocal - Olga Vasiliev.


The inspirations for this recording came from my former teacher, who showed me how far you could go in sight singing.

I dedicate this tape to her and to my students in hope that it will inspire someone as much as her work inspired me.


Two Part Inventions


1.      C Major mp3

2.      c minor mp3

3.      D Major mp3

4.      d minor mp3

5.      Eb Major mp3

6.      E Major mp3

7.      e minor mp3

8.      F Major mp3

9.      f minor mp3

10.  G Major mp3

11.  g minor mp3

12.  A Major mp3

13.  a minor mp3

14.  Bb Major mp3

15.  b minor mp3


Some other works


1.     Prelude in d minor mp3

2.     Prelude in D Major mp3

3.     Prelude in C Major mp3

4.     Prelude in e minor mp3

5.     Minuet in g minor mp3

6.     Sarabande from French Suite in c minor mp3

7.     Prelude in B Major from WTC, book 1 mp3

8.     Fugue in B Major from WTC, book 1 mp3